Lord Tao Jatulokbal is the ultimate protector of the four Earthly directions, North, South, East and West. Ensuring that all humankind is at

peace and far from sadness, 4 of the most powerful gods are combined into one supreme deity.

This is the first time that all 4 gods have been merged into one almighty statue.It is believed that Lord Tao Jatulokbal will look after all

humankind while protecting and safeguarding Buddhism in Thailand. He often measures and records all the good and bad actions of the living

on Earth and protects humans according to their positive conduct.

One god however, Lord Tao Vessuwan, is the most powerful, leading the other three and possesses the ability to control and govern all giants

and spirits in the heavens. He is often seen in a giant form standing upright with a wooden staff. While Lord Kuvira, is most commonly seen in

the seated position. Many worshipers still pay respect to this image and pray for good fortune and success. Prison authorities and caretakers,

especially executioners often wear a protective amulet of Lord Tao Vessuwan to ward off evil spirits of the deceased prisoners that may look to

seek revenge.

He is also believed to be the god responsible for wealth and fortune. He protects all valuables and priceless mystical belongings for all the gods

in heave. For his great achievements in safeguarding all the riches of the heavens and by accruing merit and good deeds, Lord Tao Vessuwan

received blessings from the Lord of the Gods, Lord Shiva and Lord Tao Mahaprom to become one of the wealthiest gods in all the land.

This supreme protector has many responsibilities. From taking care of humankind and other gods to ensuring that the Buddhist religion is

protected for eternity, Lord Tao Jatulokbal (in all his 4 godly incarnations) blesses the good and righteous with safety, luck and prosperity.

It has been written in ancient Buddhist script that any whom wish to receive luck, power and prosperity shall worship Lord Tao Jatulokal


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