Breakfast Breakfast

Starting your luxury day at St. Regis with all the finest services you can get.

  • Let’s start your grand morning with a view of Bangkok city at St. Regis Bangkok Hotel from Caroline Astor Suite, the largest room type of the hotel. Open the curtain and experience a view of Royal Bangkok Sports Club’s golf course (RBSC). In your room, you will get the best service such as Breakfast in Bed where the rich variety of food is served and you get a private butler 24/7 at your service.
  • In addition to staying at St. Regis Bangkok Hotel, there are many 5 stars hotel in Ratchaprasong district for you to choose. It is our pleasure to invite you to stay at every hotel of your choice such as Waldorf Astoria, Intercontinental Bangkok, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, or Centara Grand at centralwOrld.

Morning Activity Morning Activity

After filling up your belly with wonderful breakfast

it is time to boost up your power at fitness room on 15th floor. We also recommend you to try the outdoor swimming pool with 180 degrees view of Bangkok city. After an exercise, let’s hit up the pool bar for some snacks and drinks to gain your energy and enjoy your day.

Lunch Lunch

Craving for some authentic Thai cuisine or Contemporary food in the afternoon?

Let’s head down to the “PASTE”, a one Michelin Star restaurant. Experience the innovation of new royal Thai cuisine but yet still remain the taste of authenticity at Gaysorn village 3rd floor. Every dish served here is created and mixed with 30 kinds of spices for the most balanced taste. Let’s start with Amuse-bouche, a siam chilli sauce, as a welcome hors d'oeuvres, then appetizer Watermelon, Ground Salmon with Crispy Shallots and Roated Galangal Powder which was created since B.E.2352 to serve in royal ceremony, follow by a main course Live Canadian Red Lobster, Kiffir Lime Juice, Mandarin Juice, Buzz Button Flower & Crispy Local Seaweed and then end up with Asian Pear Tart of Mascapone Cheese with wild Honey and Thai Almond Paste served with Black Sesame and Burnt Coconut Shell Ice Cream.


Restaurant: Paste
Location: Gaysorn Village

Recommend to reserve first
Call +66 (0) 2656 1003

Open every day from 12.00 – 14.00
and 18.30 – 23.00

Afternoon Activity Afternoon Activity

Shop in Ratchaprasong district

  • If you like to shop in Ratchaprasong district, try visiting Erawan Bangkok and Gaysorn village, the most well-known luxury shopping malls which have been open for a long time. Packed with luxury items and brand names like Club21, Commes des garcons, Leica Store. And there are also items from Thai designers which you can select by yourself and give to your love ones such as silk from Jim Thompson, leather items from Mettique, Clothing from Poem and incense from Erb. After shopping at those two shopping malls, you can continue your journey by taking Ratchaprasong walk (R-walk) which will save your time from walking from one building to another. this R-walk is 1,150 meters long and has an access of more than 21 building in the area.
  • In this district, there is one huge shopping mall right in the middle of the area called CentralwOrld, one of the most famous shopping mall in Thailand. Inside the mall , there are other two more shopping centers called ‘Isetan’ and ‘Central’ which guarantee you will find everything you want or need in one place! Here’s some of the interesting store like Apple store which will be open soon, tons of flagship stores, brand names, (for more details please see trip “Try the locals”) electronics, cosmetics, supermarket, kid section and many many more!


Afternoon Activity Afternoon Activity

The menu that is well suited with the weather in Thailand is the special menu

“Highbury Strawberry” a tea that mixture of strawberry with mango and its non caffeine or “Summer Sunshine” a black tea infused with peach flavor then mix with orange and pineapple juice for refreshing and energizing. But if you like to try something more exclusive, then try “The Strand 1760” Ceylon tea mix with English breakfast tea which has smooth touch like no other. If you like to see the city life while relaxing, then 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt is the perfect choice. The restaurant designed by DWP. The gold color with marble counter and antique style tea drawer make you feel luxurious and of course with a View Dining Restaurant for you to see the city while having signature tea set 1823 Gold Indulgence’ Afternoon Tea Set and Bangkok Blend the mixture of oolong tea blended with tropical fruit like papaya and pineapple to refresh you and that can only be found here.

Afternoon Activity Afternoon Activity

At this facility there are five infinity pool

Each pool contains different mineral water which imported directly from Japan such as soda pool, cold pool and jet pool that help your blood circulation and relax your muscle. There is a skin scrubbing service which base on old Japanese tradition called Akasuri to get rid of pollution and dead skin cell and stimulate new skin cell. After skin scrub, head into the Himalayan rock salt sauna and stream room which helps your breathing and allergy. If you feel hungry, there is a Wellness Bar that serves you organic drinks and food as well. And the last service is a Wellness Studio that let you exercise to create a balance of your body and spirit such as Taiichi, Yoga, Pilates, meditation and beauty workshop.

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Dinner Dinner

Having a memorable time is one of the most romantic things for you and your date.

To get the best experience, try rooftop dinner under the sunset sky and city lights below with live music to make the night yours. Red Sky rooftop bar,  located on 55th floor of Centara Grand @ Centralworld, is one of the best rooftop bars in Bangkok. And don’t forget the dress code is Smart Casual! At Red Sky rooftop bar you’ll get to enjoy seasonal menu which is arranged by chef Christian Ham from France. His signature menu is Wagyu steak with Truffle and there are fresh sea food ready to serve you right from the sea.

Restaurant: Red Sky
Best reserve the table before enters for a better view and also provide non-smoking area

Call:  02-100-6255

Open every day: from 11:30 – 01.00

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Nightlife Activity Nightlife Activity

For wine lovers, the name “Riedel”

  • Riedel is well-known as a world class wine glass producer. We would like to invite wine fans to Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar at Gaysorn Village 3rd floor. The first artisan wine bar with the rarest wine in the world and sophisticated accessories are gathered here. The highlight of the bar is the round red burgundy table with abstract painting on the wall, well suited for fine dinner or small gathering. As for this bar there is a private room for you to hold an activity and outdoor zone for drinking and tasting a cigar under city lights. Other than wine, there are food menu as well in Modern Mediterranean style with innovative way of cooking. Let’s book a table and make it a special dinner!
  • And don’t forget to go up to 19th floor of Gaysorn Village for a stunning night city light! Or walk around Ratchaprasong District for some street view photos.

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Stay Stay

Let’s call it a day and have a good comfy night

  • End your day by heading back to St.Regis Bangkok or if you want to spend a night with a different view, there are hotels like Waldorf Astoria, Intercontinental Bangkok, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel and Centara Grand at centralwOrld for you to stay and relax.
  • Looking for things to see and do tomorrow? you can download the plan from our website!
  • Have a good day & night!

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