Breakfast Breakfast

Quality choices of Breakfast

Beginning your day with various choices of foods at your hotel or going out and try delicious street food which is available from early morning until night. Feel the rushing office worker life around Ratchaprasong District during lunch break and order what locals eat such as sticky rice with BBQ pork, Congee, soy milk with fried dough stick, Krapraw pork with rice and sunny side with egg on top of it.  There is also a variety of choices of Thai curry with rice to choose or if you want something quick, then there is many kinds of bread and sandwich to go with coffee or tea around the area. This is a total package for your foodie spirit. There are other places where the locals like to go for their morning and afternoon food with reasonable prices such as royal police hospital market which opens only on Tuesday and Friday from 07:00 – 14:00, TOT office canteen which is next to Holiday Inn Bangkok, open every week day from 07:00 – 14:00 or street vendors around Pratoonam pier and BigC mall.

Morning Activity Morning Activity

Experience the beauty of Patum Wanaram temple

Let’s visit one of the most beautiful, architectural and historical places in Bangkok city. Between Siam paragon and CentralwOrld stands the Pathum Wanaram Temple. It was built since 2400 B.E. The locals used to call this “a jungle of the city” because of trees in this temple which cover the whole place. You won’t even see the buildings around the temple. This temple is also one of the most visited places for the locals to meditate, listen to dharma. Moreover, the ashes of Thai Royal Family members in the line of Prince Mahidol Adulyadej are interred at the temple.


Take Took Took (3 wheels motorcycle) and get off at Pratoonam pier for a walk and try a boat taxi like the local does when they transport around the city along the Sansab canal which was built since 2380 B.E. This canal used to resupply ammunition during wartime between Thailand and Vietnam and also for public transportation during that period.

If you don’t like the traffic in Bangkok city, BTS is an option for you. Taking BTS and get off at Chitlom station exit 2, you’ll see the R walk connecting to Gaysorn village. Keep walking towards the North walk to The Market Bangkok. Walk down to the footpath for 500 meters and you will reach your destination.


Remark: Giving food offerings to a Buddhist monk is considered an ancient tradition for Thais. It is believed by making merit to a monk is to do a good deed and respect your ancestor and also those who passed away

Lunch Lunch

Time to refill your energy

It’s lunch time! Let’s go to Nara Thai Cuisine, one of the best Thai style food restaurant that locals also says the food here is delicious. The signature dishes are PadThai fried egg, Tom yum river prawn, soft shell crab in curry paste and end your lunch with coconut ice cream. The restaurant has 3 branches in Ratchaprasong district

1. CentralwOrld 7 floor tel. +662 613-1658

2. The Market Bangkok G floor tel. +662 209-5135

3. Erawan Bangkok LG floor tel. +662 250-7707 


There are other Thai restaurant like Kub Kao Kub Pla, Rosniyom, etc. for you to try as well.

Don’t fill up your tummy to the full yet! Thai food and dessert in Ratchaprasong district still have more to offer such as Mango Tango, a dessert shop specializes in Thai mango. They serve sticky rice mango, mango pudding, mango sorbet and mango smoothie, the best drink for a hot afternoon!

Another must-try shop is Cha Tra Mue tea shop which is Thailand’s most favorite tea shop for locals and all visitors with their signature Thai milk tea drink and other special drink like boba milk tea which is a big trend in Thailand now. Pang  Cha Thai  Royal  Café by Look Kai Thong is also a must-try cafe at CentralwOrld 3rd floor. The milk tea in Thailand is from the cheapest 19 THB to over a hundred THB. There are many tea shops like Moma’s Bubble Tea Bar, Nobicha, Fuku Matcha, Kamu, Fire Tiger, GaGa, Koi’, or After You in the area.


Afternoon Activity Afternoon Activity

Experience signature Thai products

Shopping around at The Market Bangkok Mall for gift and snacks and other stuff like Chatuchak zone which gathers many Thai products such as clay magnet, Thai Orchid, rubber pillow, stone diffuser, aroma zone, beauty zone or stop by at Kami Kami for hairdressing eyebrow make-up and many more. After a long activity, we recommend you to have a break at Let’s Relax Spa for a massage. The quickest service is a foot massage which takes only 45 minutes or you can choose other courses that suits your needs.



If you are not tired yet, then centralwOrld is the place for you to have a look at fashionable clothes from famous Thai designers at The House of Thai designer (THAITHAI) zone. There are many famous brands for you to shop such as Asava, ASV By Asava, Canitt, Hamburger Studio, Insomnia By Vara, Janesuda, Lolita Party, Matter Maker, Milin, Patinya, Poem, Reflex Angela, Soda, Thea By Thara, Tohns, Valentier and Vickteerut.



If you like to try cooking Thai food, then let’s go to ABC Cooking Studio on the 3rd floor of CentralwOrld. There are many Thai food menus for you to learn like Tomyum soup, green curry, Padthai, glass noodle salad, etc. The class is open every Wednesday at 16:00. For reservation please contact on Facebook: ABC Cooking Studio Thailand or tel. +662-646-1910

Afternoon Activity Afternoon Activity

Afternoon tea, perhaps?

Have some afternoon tea at Erawan Tea Room. Try the Thai dessert which is adopted and fused with the western style of serving which achieves Michelin Guide for the Thai Afternoon Tea Set. This set will be changed every 2 months to create a new variety of taste and fresh experience. After this, you can visit Erawan Shrine for worshipping.

Dinner Dinner

Feeling hungry? You & Mee restaurant at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok is your choice.

You must be hungry from a long whole day activity. Let’s eat at You & Mee Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok hotel. This place is good for anyone who wants to try Thai and Asian food with the best ingredients and a comfortable environment. The menu here has been changed all the time for breakfast and dinner such as Khaosoy Lobster for 530++ THB, chicken rice set 250++ THB, and you can choose to enjoy lunch buffet and Khao Tom dinner buffet and don’t miss the dessert corner for Thai style dessert-like coconut ice cream and seasonal fruits.

Open daily from 11:00 – 23:00 hrs.

Daily Lunch Buffet from 11:00 – 15:00 hrs. at THB 550++

Khao Tom Dinner Buffet from 17:00 – 23:00 hrs. at THB 650++




If you like Thai food at a reasonable price, then Ginger restaurant at Holiday Inn Bangkok is your choice with a variety of Thai food like BBQ chicken, Som tum, Phad Thai, Thai noodles and Thai desserts. Only for 588 THB.

Dinner buffet start from 17.30-21.00 hrs.

Nightlife Activity Nightlife Activity

Pratunam Floating Night Market

Thai food served on the boat. Thai floating markets are mostly out of the city which will take time to travel and no one would have thought that there is one in Ratchaprasong district as well. It is called Pratunam Floating Night Market which opens at night near Pratunam pier and Chalermlok bridge. They sell tons of seafood and delicious pork satay with a reasonable price for foreigners and locals and if you have your food with beer, they do have a promotion of 3 bottles for 100 THB! Also, there are other drinks like cocktails mocktails and juice to select. 

The best way to commute is via BTS. Pratunam Floating Night Market does not have a parking area. You can walk from The Market Bangkok which is opposite CentralwOrld. The market is open every Monday – Saturday 19:00 – 24:00 and closed every Sunday. Live music is on Wednesday and Saturday only.

Facebook: Pratunam Floating Night Market



Stay Stay

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, 5 Stars hotel at Ratchaprasong

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. What makes this hotel a 5-star hotel is that the beauty of the interior design, spacious room, natural light and you can choose a classic Thai style room or modern style room to match your taste with a view of Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC). Also, this hotel provides top quality services for the memorable experience of every guest. There is also a special service for those who are interested in Thai spiritual tattoo. The hotel can arrange that for you as well. 

Find out more about Ajarn Neng Sak Yan Master:

or book any offers of Ananta Siam Hotel at


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