Breakfast Breakfast

Fast and Easy Breakfast 24/7

First choice: McDonald's

McDonald's, the world's most famous and well-known fast-food chain store. The first McDonald's in Thailand is located in Amarin Plaza since 2528 B.E. which makes it the first McDonald branch in Thailand. The special thing about Thai McDonald is that the menu here has been adopted to match the local taste such as pork and chicken congee for only 29 THB and McPatonggo for only 19 THB per piece and don’t forget to take a photo with Ronald McDonald which stands in front of the store with signature pose of Thailand “Sawasdee” means hello, thank you and sorry. It is considered a gesture of politeness.

Second choice: 7-11

There is a convenient store near McDonald's called 7-11 located at Amarin Plaza. This 7-11 is different from the other 7-11. It has consisted of 2 stories and seating area for you to sit down and eat in after you choose your meal and drinks. For 7-11 in Thailand, there are many Thai style food, meal, snacks, desserts and drinks which is budget-friendly such as morning ham cheese, fried egg, Sandwich whole wheat with chicken or sandwich egg and bacon and if you like to eat rice, then pork porridge and Congee is for you. If it is not enough, you can put more toppings like eggs, sausage. To end your morning meal with pleasure, have some desserts like coconut pudding or some coffee to fresh up your day.

Morning Activity Morning Activity

God worshipping at Ratchaprasong district

God-worshipping at Ratchaprasong district is a must-try activity when visiting the area. (no entry fee)

After finishing your breakfast, let’s begin an activity of the day by visiting all 8 mighty gods of Ratchaprasong district. you can conveniently visit every shrine in about 1 hour walk by using R walk and look for “Cultural signage”. Each signage will tell you the detail of each god and preparation for worshipping and making wishes.

  • Tao Mahaprom or Erawan Shrine:  God of creation
  • Ganesh Shrine: God of wisdom
  • Trimurti Shrine: Goddess of love
  • Lakshmi Shrine: Goddess of wealth
  • Tao Jatulokabal: God of 4 Directions / God of wealth
  • Umathevi Shrine: Goddess of power and family
  • Indra Shrine: God of mercy
  • Naraya Shrine: God of protection and wishes

More information about Ratchaprasong shrines:

Lunch Lunch

Thai Food court is a good choice if budget is your main factor

Food court is the best choice for everyone who wants to try various food at a reasonable price. Ratchaprasong district is the hub of Food Courts and many of them are recommended by Michelin Guide.

The Cook at Amarin plaza 4th floor. There are many restaurants listed on the Michelin Guide 2019, Go-Ang chicken rice, Yentafo Nai Auan, Radna yod pak, and Ann koay tiaw kua kai. The Cook is easily accessed via BTS Chitlom station.

Living House Zone (Co-living & Eating Space) is located at Central at CentralwOrld on the 7th floor. This place has all the Michelin Guide restaurants called Michelin Thai Street Food Deck such as Ten Suns, Lim Lao Ngow, Sawang Noodle, Ongtong, Fried Chicken Soi Polo and Pa Tong Go Savoey. Live music with a good view of Bangkok is something you cannot miss at all cost!

Afternoon Activity Afternoon Activity

Shopping is a must in Ratchaprasong

If you are already in Ratchaprasong district and haven’t buy anything, it means you haven’t fully visited Bangkok. So let’s start from Platinum Fashion Mall, a shopping mall with more than 2,000 stores. Inside the mall, you will be jaw dropped by the huge amount of selections and the price of items.

Another Mall that you cannot miss is Big C Super Center at Rajdamri. This the best place for you to buy Thai products and souvenirs. This mall is open from 09:00 – 02:00 and it is easily accessed via R-walk. The top seller items are durian, mango, pineapple, and other fruits, some massage oil, balm, and some Thai snacks. If you shop too many items, don’t be worried because they also have a packing service for you.

If you still have some energy left, then let’s go to Supersports Sports Factory Outlet at Amarin plaza 1st floor. This outlet has all global sport brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance and more with up to 60% discount. Do not miss!

Dinner Dinner

Having a wonderful dinner while enjoying Bangkok night city lights

Having a wonderful dinner while enjoying fabulous Bangkok night city lights at Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar at Gaysorn Village 2nd floor.

It is a must-try restaurant for all wine lovers. This restaurant is the first and only wine bar in the world which serves wine with special glasses to match with each type of wine. Not only the food or wine that you can enjoy but also live jazz music. If you reserve a table outdoor, you will experience a beautiul Ratchaprasong night lights. Food price starts from 290 THB. Get 'House Wine Promotion 1 Free 1' when visiting the bar on Monday - Saturday from 16.00 - 20.00 Hrs. and Sunday from 16.00 - 24.00 Hrs. 

Riedel Wine Bar & Cella: Call 02-656-1133


Try beer republic as an alternative. This bar and restaurant is located at Holiday Inn which is very closed to BTS Chitlom station. The bar with 1920 warehouse architectural design is consisted of 2 storey and an outdoor area. There are more than 70 kinds of Beer from all over the world for you to try. Beer starts from 95 THB for glass and food starts from 180 THB.

Beer Republic: Call 02-656 -0080


Nightlife Activity Nightlife Activity

Neon Lights Night Market - A must go in Bangkok

Talad Neon – Downtown Night Market at Pratoonam opens every day from 16:00 – 24:00. This place will serve you the best nightlife experience in Bangkok. Most of the locals who work and live around will go to the market for their late-night shopping and dining under the night city lights with more than 800 shops to visit.

Here are a few shops which we recommend to go.

- Mango Fu sells Durian sticky rice, juicy mango and smoothies made from mango, durian, and pineapple.

- Somtum JayLow tons of spicy Thai style salad menu for you to try.

- Kod Leng restaurant serves you the flavorful pork rib soup. Sour, spicy and rich flavors will make you refreshed.

- Slow But Sure Cafe, a café for animal lovers. They have many kinds of animals for you to play with.

Before going back to your hotel, don’t forget to take a photo with the NEON Market sign to let others know that you are here!

Facebook: theneonnightbazaar

Stay Stay

Great price at Golden House Boutique Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel at Ratchaprasong district with a reasonable price but still offers a good quality service, Golden house boutique hotel is an interesting choice for visitors. The hotel does not have a high room rate but you will get necessary amenities such as TV, AC, refrigerator, and Wifi. The hotel location is very convenient to travel to other places around Ratchaprasong.


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