Jatulokbal Shrine

About Jatulokbal Shrine

The God of 4 Directions, Lord Jatulokbal is the ultimate protector of the North, South, East, and West. Ensuring that all humankind is at peace and far from sadness, 4 of the most powerful gods are combined into one supreme deity.

North, East, South, West are protected over by Lord Jatulokbal (Jatu meaning 4 and Lokbal meaning world), a supreme being made up of four powerful gods. The most powerful of the four gods though,
is the 2-sided God of the North comprised of Lord Vesuwan and Lord Kuvera.

Interestingly, one side (Lord Vesuwan) takes on the appearance of a Giant and protects over Buddhism and humankind, especially those in danger. Prison guards, especially executioners worship and wear protective amulets of Lord Vesuwan as he is believed to ward off evil spirits of deceased prisoners who seek revenge. The other side (Lord Kuvera), resembles a heavy-set god in the seated position. He is the wealthiest god and safeguards all heavenly treasures. For his great achievements in safeguarding all the riches of the heavens and by accruing merit and good deeds by aiding other gods on their various quests, Thao Vesuwan is trusted and revered by heaven’s most powerful gods.

The other three gods maintain peace and prosperity in their respective earthly direction. This supreme protector has many other responsibilities. From taking care of humankind and the godly community in the heavens, Thao Jutulokbal ensures that the Buddhist religion is protected for eternity. The regal Thao Jatulokbal Shrine was erected to offer visitors, worshipers and those working in the Ratchaprasong District spiritual might to succeed in life. For blessings and protection from evil and danger, visit the Lord Jatulokbal Shrine on the 4th Floor of Gaysorn Village.



Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammā Sambuddhassa (repeat 3 times)

Purimang Tisang Tataratto Takkinena

Virunhago Patchimena Virupakkho Guvero

Auttarang Tisang Juttaro Thae Maharaja

Samunta Jaturo Tisa Tuttunhamana

Aujtungsu Sata Sotting Karonatu No

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