There are so many options to commute within, from or to Ratchaprasong Area.

The Bangkok Mass Transit System, commonly known as the BTS Skytrain, is easy, fast and cheap. Moreover, they run from 6.00am until midnight and you can avoid the unpredictable traffic in Bangkok.

Another convenient option is a transportation service application like: Grab/ All Thai Taxi/ Get.

Motorbikes and bicycles are generally used for short distances.

Tuk Tuk, Also known as three-wheelers, is used for short distances in central Bangkok. Tuk Tuks have no meters. Price can range from 50 THB and it depends on distance.

The Saen Seab Canal is also a handy way to get around town and a great way to see local lives going about their business.

BTS: Bangkok (Mass) Transit System Skytrain

The Bangkok Mass Transit System, commonly known as the BTS Skytrain, is easy, fast and cheap. Moreover, they run from 6.00am until midnight and you can avoid the crazy traffic in Bangkok. The downside is that it gets very crowded during the week, but it is much less crowded during the weekends. Furthermore, the Skytrain does not reach all of Bangkok.

Opening times: 06.00 – 24.00 hrs.

Nearby Station : Chidlom/ Ratchadamri/ Siam

Tourist Information Centers: 02 617 7341

BTS Call Center: 02 617 6000



Line: @btsskytrain

Twitter: BTS_SkyTrain

Application: BTS Sky Train Application

Fare Rate: 16-59 THB


Multi-colored Taxi
You can catch any color of Taxi because it is the same!

Taxis in Bangkok are very numerous and very easy to recognize with their flashy colors. Air-conditioned and comfortable, taximeters are cheaper than tuk-tuks but also slower because they can not slide that easily in Bangkok traffic. When they are free, the small red light text 'wang' meaning available in Thai is on. You can flag them down. In theory, you have to climb in the cab and telle the driver your destination and you will pay the amount indicated by the meter when you arrive. But it's not always that simple. Often, you have to insist to make the driver start the meter, which is normally mandatory. And if you do not want to accept the unmetered price which is generally more expensive, it is not uncommon that the taxi go away. Thai authorities are trying to fight against that pneomenon but are not that efficient.

The price of the race with meter is divised in a starting price including the first 2 km and then a price based on the distance. If the taxi take the highway, the driver will ask you to pay the fee. It is also possible to hire a taxi for very long journey and there too, there is a rates grid that every taxi should have. In general, it is displayed on the passenger seat.

Taxi Meter Starts at: 35 THB

Taxi Stand: In front of Amarin Plaza/ Groove@ Centralworld (Or eleswhere in Ratchaprasong District)

Call Center: 1681 or 02-510-2222 #0 / 24 hrs. services

Application: Grab/ All Thai Taxi/ Get


GRAB TAXI This application has become the reference to order a taxi with your smartphone in Bangkok.The app will find you an available taxi and you are sure he will not reject you. There is a 20 baht fees for immediate booking and a 45 baht fee for a advance booking.



ALL THAI TAXI For now you can order GRAB ride in Thailand in the following cities: Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Buriram, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hua Hin, Khon Kaen, Krabi, Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Nakhon SiThammarat, Pattaya, Phuket, Songkhla & Hat Yai, Surat Thani & Koh Samui, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani.






Transportation in Thailand is very chaotic and varied. Motorbikes and bicycles are the main mode of transport in rural areas and are generally used for short distances.

Fare rate: 10 – 150 THB

Tuk Tuk

Tuk-tuks, also known as three-wheelers, are used for short distances in most Thai cities. This type of transportation is found everywhere in Bangkok and will be able to take you to most places. There are more than 35,000 tuk-tuks in Thailand and they can carry around 2-3 passengers each time.

You can find Tuk Tuk: In Front of Amarin Plaza/ Big C/ The Market Bangkok or anywhere in Ratchaprasong District

Fare Rate: Tuk tuks have no meters, Can range from 50 THB and depends on distance.

Public Bus

Two types of buses run in Thailand: Non-air-conditioned buses, and air-conditioned buses. The non-air-conditioned buses are operated by the government and are therefore cheaper and slower. Air-conditioned buses are more comfortable and faster. These buses are run by the government as well as private companies. Also, there is another alternative if you are travelling long distance. This typical bus is called a “VIP” or “sleeper” bus. It has many features, for instance, more legroom for passengers and the VIP bus only has 30-40 seats, so it may well be quieter!

Call Center: 1348, 0-2246-0339, 0-2246-0741-4



Bus Station: See from Bus signage

Fare Rate: 8 - 25 THB (Click Here to see Fare Rate)

River Buses/ San Saab Express Boat

The Saen Seab Canal is a handy way to get around town, and a great way to see local lives going about their business, but also a little dirty. If you don't mind the heat and murky water, you will be rewarded with snapshots of ornate Italian Barocco bridges and riverboats that resemble gondolas on steroids. Stretching west to east across the map of Bangkok, Khlong Saen Saeb begins in the Old City, near the Mahakhan Fortress at the end of Ratchadamnoen Road, and runs all the way to Chachoengsao Province, where it ends by flowing into the Bang Pa Kong River. It cuts through central areas like Phayathai, Pratunam, Chitlom, Nana, Asok Road, Thonglor and Ekkamai, running parallel to Phetchaburi and New Phetchaburi Roads, before turning up Ramkhamhaeng Road and on to Bangkapi.

There are 2 lines – the western line (terminating at Golden Mount) and the eastern line (terminating at Wat Si Bunrueang, near the National Institute of Development Administration). The interchange, at Pratunam pier, feels seamless and tickets are valid on both lines. This route guide features the most useful or interesting stops along the 18-km-long route, including what can be found at each one. While busy during rush hour, it's convenient for shopping and sightseeing while avoiding Bangkok's infamous road traffic. There are temples, markets, old wooden houses and interesting bridges en route, and it is possible to walk along the banks in many places. Simply wave them down and wait patiently for 2 helmeted deckhands to jump ashore, ropes in hand for fastening. Be warned though: rush-hours are busy and falling in the canal is never fun, so hold on tight when getting on and off canal boats.

Areas served by the river buses

A shopping haven. Find everything from street fashion to top-end designer labels, luxury goods and even sports cars at the range of shopping malls all located in the same area: MBK, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Square and Siam Centre. To get here, hop-off at Saphan Hua Chang Pier.

Another shopping haven, for those on a tight budget or in search of something totally off-the-wall. Find all your accessories from Platinum Market, Platinum Fashion Mall, or hit Pantip Plaza for cheap computer equipment. To get here, hop-off at Pratunam Central Pier.

From luxury hotels to high street fashion and malls, Ratchaprasong has it all. Other highlights include the Erawan shrine and gourmet eateries along Lang Suan Road. To get here, hop-off at Chidlom Pier.

This is the see-and-be-seen street. Peppered with hip outdoor malls and trend-setting pubs, the entire stretch of Thonglor is like a giant magnet that draws a cool and well-to-do crowd. To get here, hop-off at Thonglor Pier.

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