Boonlert Restaurant – Wonton Egg Noodle with Soy Sauce Grilled Pork

About Boonlert Restaurant – Wonton Egg Noodle with Soy Sauce Grilled Pork

Your indulgence towards Ratchaprasong’s south end can begin at The Cook on the fourth floor of Amarin Plaza, a food court that brings together more than 50 street eateries from across Thailand in one place. Among them, Boonlert Restaurant shines as an outlet of the famous egg noodle shop based in Nang Lerng neighborhood with more than 40-year heritage. The must-try is Wonton Egg Noodle with Soy-marinated Grilled Pork, thanks to springy, round egg noodle and melt-in-the-mouth shrimp or pork wontons. Most noteworthily, it features bite-sized pieces of pork loin and ham marinated with a secret recipe and then gently charcoal-grilled to achieve a pleasant aroma. Its luscious soup has well-rounded flavor and tempting aroma, achieved by simmering pork bone with coriander root and seasoned with white soy sauce. Alternative meat for noodle and wonton dishes are roasted pork, crispy pork belly and crabmeat, and not to mention a range of other dishes to choose from. All are so delicious as served that no more seasoning is needed. Don’t like street dining in hot weather? Opt for this outlet of the long-established noodle shop!

Location: The Cook Food Court, 4th Floor, Amarin Plaza Recommendations: Wonton Egg Noodle with Soy-grilled Pork, Egg Noodle with Crabmeat Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00 hrs daily

How to Get There: From Chit Lom BTS Station, use Ratchaprasong Walk, take the left-hand link into Amarin Plaza, and then head for the food court on the fourth floor (4-minute walk).