Try the locals

When visiting any countries, it is recommended to “do as the locals do” either what they eat or where they go.

First, it is a must to try Thai food with Michelin Plate. There are many Michelin Plate Thai restaurants in Ratchaprasong. It is awarded to restaurants where the inspectors have discovered quality food made with fresh ingredients.

Erawan Tea Room (Michelin Plate)

Settle in for a posh high tea in the centre of the city at Erawan Tea Room, where you can order appealing Thai treats by Chef Achara To-ussami and the famed Thai Afternoon Tea, which is tower of authentic Thai savory selections. The ambiance is warm and relaxing, decorated with tea-related products, like loose-leaf teas and serving containers, offering an authentic Thai feeling.

Nara (Erawan)

The classic Thai restaurant has been in business for years. Being committed to quality ingredients, handmade curry pastes, and homemade sauces from family recipes. Nara’s signature dishes include Tom Yum with shrimp, beef Massaman curry, crab curries, and Pad Thai. Experience professional cooking at its best.

Nai Ouan Yentafo Bateng Sao Chingcha (Michelin Plate)

This 50-year-old street food stand has served Yentafo (pink noodle soup) with fish balls to much fanfare. Enjoy them steamed or fried, and there is the option of adding salty pork to the dish. The flavors are intense and spicy, but not too spicy - just perfect for those who are not a big fan to spiciness or foreigners in the Ratchaprasong area.

Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam (Michelin Bib Gourmand)

Street food lovers can enjoy sumptuous chicken rice here. This humble chicken and rice stall has drawn a devoted fan base of locals and foreign visitors for more than 50 years. The aromatic Jasmine rice is cooked with chicken oil and perfectly matches the flavor of the chicken, and the double-boiled soup is delicious.

Ann Guay Tiew Kua Gai (Michelin Bib Gourmand)

Fried noodles are a ubiquitous street dish, but they're taken to another level here. Whether ordered crispy or soft, they retain a soft texture on the inside and a crispy exterior that isn't oily. You can also have your fried egg exactly how you like it, from soft to runny. The authentic coal-fired stove adds a touch of uniqueness.

Sawang (Hua Lampong) at Pratunam

A delicious dish for those who are looking for a quick meal. Its homemade egg noodles are made daily with duck eggs as a key ingredient. It is thus firm yet thin and easy to consume. Every piece of wonton is stuffed with finest shrimps and then steamed to perfection. In addition, its Chinese-style barbeque pork are marinated daily with coconut sugar while artificial food colourings are not used. The marinated pork is then grilled in a unique way unlike other noodle stalls. All eye-catching crab claws are fresh from Yaowarat or Chinatown of Bangkok. The soup is made daily with pieces of pigs’ long bones with bone marrows and daikon radishes as base. Influenced by ancient China, it is also seasoned with herbs and peppers. Customers can choose either noodle soup style or get the soup in a separate bowl. The place itself is full of Chinese vibes and it is visited by working-age adults during business hours while tourists from China, Japan, Korea and Europe tend to eat here at night after day-long shopping at Ratchaprasong.

Pad Thai Mae Yai Singburi at The Cook Food Centre,

Amarin Plaza Pad Thai is a national fried noodle dish of Thailand and many varieties can be found across the nation. Yet, the original recipe of Pad Thai with Prawns can be conveniently enjoyed at an outlet of Pad Thai Mae Yai Singburi at The Cook Food Centre, Amarin Plaza. The secret of deliciousness—without needing any extra condiment—is in a combination of Pad Thai noodles, eggs, tofu, mung bean sprouts, rice bran oil and a special sauce upon frying.

Kub Kao Kub Pla

Made with superb ingredients from verifiable local sources, a fusion dish with spiciness and authenticity of Southern-style Thai rice noodle menus commonly consumed for centuries. It strikes food lovers with soft rice noodle and coconut soup served with crab meat with punchy spiciness—a nod to Southern Thai cuisine.

Take a short break in Bangkok. Have relaxing time in a comfortable room and then Explore the bustling city of Bangkok.

Golden House Boutique Hotel

A budget hotel in Bangkok with charming rooms. Only 2 minutes walk from BTS Chidlom station. All facilities including Wi-Fi (free of charge) in all rooms. Offering a very reasonable price for a hotel in Bangkok downtone. The BTS Chidlom station is only 50 metres away from hotel which makes it very convenient. There are many shopping malls nearby such as Central Chidlom, Central World Plaza, Isetan, Gaysorn Plaza, Big C, MBK Center, Siam Discovery, Pratunam Area, and the most respected Erawan shrine are all within walking distance.

Amidst the backdrop of a bustling Bangkok, stand amongst Gods that rule over the heavens, earth and afterlife. Learn about ancient gods and immerse yourself in the most unique district the world has to offer. Come with us, through time and space to a realm where Gods and Goddesses reign supreme. Behold the power of the Gods of Ratchaprasong.

Tao Mahaprom - Erawan Shrine

This iconic God, known as the supreme protector is located at the Ratchaprasong intersection. As one of the most revered Gods of Ratchaprasong. He grants the faithful with good luck and prosperity while relieving pain and sorrow for the destitute.

Ganesh Shrine

Known as the God of the Arts and the deity that protects from obstacles and harm, Ganesh Shrine, the Elephant headed god of Ratchaprasong grants great success to all that worship him.

Lakshmi Shrine

The beautiful Goddess adorned in gold is a beacon of strength. Lakshmi Shrine is best known as the Goddess of Luck and Fortune.

Trimurati Shrine

The three-faced god of Ratchaprasong is known for his ultimate power of protection. At present, Trimurti Shrine has been known for his power to bestow blessings in love and relationships.

Umathevi Shrine

This goddess is one of great power and compassion. Umathevi Shrine is regarded as the “Mother” goddess who protects mothers and children against sickness and evil.

Indra shrine

The almighty Indra Shrine is a fierce god and protector. Indra Shrine is often seen in his green or jade hue and has 1,000 eyes which possess the ability to distinguish between right from wrong.

Narayana Shrine

The warrior god, Narayana Shrine, situated in front of the InterContinental Hotel Bangkok is mostly known for the art of protection.Most worshipers seek blessings and good fortune in matters of business dealings and competition.

Than Tao Jatulokabal

The god with infinite power Known for his ability to protect mankind from sadness and evil while offering holy blessings of happiness, strength and luck.

As Bangkok’s spiritual epicenter, the sacred Ratchaprasong intersection has called upon the 8 almighty Gods and Goddesses into one area offering spiritual seekers, a very special opportunity to make offerings as well as to relish in the presence of these highly revered Gods & Goddesses of the Ratchaprasong District.

Ratchaprasong is one of the most visited district in Thailand and is widely recognized as Thailand’s top shopping, lifestyle and dining district destinations.

The Neon Night Bazaar

All-time favourite check-in spot for nightlife people that has more than 700 shops ranging from fashion products, souvenirs for visitors, and handmade products. It also have many different street food stalls for visitors to sit, chill and eat while listening to music, which perfectly match lifestyles of both Thai and international visitors.

Big C Supercenter

flatters modern-day lifestyles of young people. Positioned as Big C’s flagship store, Big C Supercenter Ratchadamri is a must-go for international visitors, being the one-stop shopping destination for all their needs.

7-Eleven at Gaysorn Tower, Amarin Plaza, InterContinental Bangkok, Maneeya Center

The world’s biggest chain of convenience stores that sells a range of everyday items, such as foods, coffee, snacks and other necessary items. The store at Amarin Plaza operates with window display concept for extra shopping fun of the customers. It also provides tables and power socket for extra eating comfort and source of power.

After a long day of exploring the delicious food and goods from many shopping centers. Now it is time for some relaxing at Indara Spa & Massage – Thai massage and spa that has been in business for decades. Before going back to your hotel for goodnight sleep.

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